Friday, July 08, 2005

Heeding The Omens: (vide The Alchemist)

Today as i sat down on the commode, to shit, i closely inspected my left arm (not the bodybuilder stuff, plain soft 'who cares' arm), i found there was one extremely long and jet black hair... the rest of them were small and light, but this one was different. My whole concentration shifted on this philistine, i pondered for some time, and reached to pull it out.
Then something in me clicked, and i thought to myself "this must be the omen that book keeps talking about, (which i hate)" and refrained, and viewed the hair with utmost repect. By this time i had finished shitting, and washed my hands.

Now i wait, O Paulo, show me thy omens, and give me thee confidence in destiny. Wheres my personal Alchemist? I think i have already started on the path...